Financing for companies

With a capital loan from Oppiva Invest, you can finance the growth of your business. Our capital loans are complementary financing that can be used for, among other things, product development, sales, marketing, recruitment – any impactful business activity that stimulates growth.

Solutions for vocational education and training

We are looking for growth-oriented companies that want to work with us to renew vocational education and training, learning environments and competence in working life.

Join us when you want to bring:

Learning environments and relevant, up-to-date competence for learners that serves employers

Solutions to promote vocational students’ wellbeing and ability to learn

The best tools for leadership and day-to-day work in educational institutions

What do we offer your business?

  • Our financing is an unsecured capital loan. Ownership of the company remains within the company itself.
  • We coach our companies and offer our business expertise for their benefit.
  • We help build models for co-development.
  • We offer market information and open up our VET network.
  • We maintain an active network of our portfolio companies and actively participate in edtech networks in Finland and around the world.

How to apply for financing

Oppiva Invest’s financing application rounds are open annually in January, April and September.


Contact us – let’s talk!


Coaching and application with attachments


Negotiations and decision

Contact us for more information!

Titta Mantila


Tel. 040 706 7700

Contact us for information and coaching on financing and developing your business. I am happy to tell you about OI’s financing services and general company matters.

Pekka Salmi

Senior Advisor

Tel. 050 560 6018

I am eager to hear about your solution – I provide coaching and assistance in business development, corporate transactions and financing. Contact me also for questions related to seeking financing.

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Send us a contact request: we will respond quickly!

Oppiva Invest’s financing is important for us, as we can use it for international sales and marketing. Not all financing instruments enable this.

Jussi Kajala, CEO, 3DBear

To stay on track with development and ensure strong growth, we need more people with skills. With the help of Oppiva Invest, we have been able to recruit such people proactively, strengthening our growth.

Kari Aho, CEO, Secapp

Oppiva Invest has given us valuable contacts and client understanding from the field of VET providers. As a financier, OI has been important to us.

Antti Korhonen, CEO, Liveto Group Oy

Vocational education and training in Finland: market information for companies

How do education providers finance and acquire educational technology? Did you know that there are more adults than young people in vocational education and training in Finland? How do companies succeed in working with a VET provider?

Get familiar with the reports and publications

Acquiring educational technology: perspectives on selection and deployment

What factors influence the choice and adoption of educational technologies in vocational education and training? How to provide a successful solution to education providers?

Everyone in need of developer partners – Oppiva Invest’s impact and ecosystem activities

What role can growth companies play in the development of vocational education and training? The report is intended for education providers, stakeholders, and growth companies as a basis for co-development and a starting point for discussions.

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Oppiva Investin toiminta lakkaa

Oppiva Investin toiminta lakkaa

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