Financing criteria

Oppiva Invest finances competitive and innovative Finnish companies that can provide solutions for the development of vocational competence. The financed companies are required to have current or planned clients in vocational education and training. This is because Oppiva Invest is a state-owned special-assignment company whose mission is to promote vocational education and training and vocational competence.

Financing decisions are based on an impact assessment and an overall evaluation of the company

On this page, you will find information about the criteria for financing.

An Oppiva Invest equity loan is complementary financing for businesses. When the company has private financing available, we can offer a market-based capital loan as part of the overall financing package.

Read the criteria below

  • The solution should provide clear added value and benefits to teaching and learning environments
  • Special emphasis on vocational competence and learning environments
  • The added value and impact on vocational education and training must be assessable
  • The solution must be on the market and generating sales revenue – OI does not finance the actual product development phase, and the company must have reached at least the early growth stage
  • The solution should be scalable, replicable, and applicable widely in teaching and learning environments – not limited to individual customised development projects or consultancy

Applicant company and financial situation

  • The company must be a limited liability company
  • The company must have a profitable turnover
  • The company’s equity must be positive at the time of application
  • The company must have a traceable ownership background (know your customer, KYC)
  • The company must also have non-public sources of financing, and OI’s capital loan must be complementary to the scheme up to a maximum of 50%
  • The company’s credit history is in order

Benefits for teaching and learning

  • What benefits and added value does the solution provide in teaching and learning environments?
  • Is the solution innovative, and does it have good growth potential?
  • How does the solution help learners?

Benefits for society

  • The positive impacts of the solution on the economy, environment and communities

Applicant company and financial situation

  • How will the company’s turnover, jobs and competence develop?

The company’s products and services and its business model

  • How does the company create value for the client with its solutions, and how does the company generate revenue from it?
  • How does the company define its position within the ecosystem?

The company’s business plan

  • How does the company position itself in relation to competitors and other operators?
  • Does the company have the credible competence and other resources to succeed in the market?
  • Is the plan relevant?
  • How has the company attracted clients to engage in collaboration?
  • Are the risks and opportunities of the project balanced?
  • Is the company internationally competitive?

The company’s financial situation and forecasts

We assess the company’s financial situation by examining actual reports and the current state and forecasts of the business. We aim to understand the company’s future cash flows. We form an understanding of the repayment of the capital loan and interest.

We also verify the company’s public background information (Rating Alfa risk class, credit information, and tax liabilities).

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