Market information on vocational education and training

There are opportunities in the field of vocational education and training for many Finnish technology companies and innovations. Oppiva Invest offers wide-ranging insights into the VET market.

Market dialogue and networks of education technology companies

Are you interested in the networks of education technology companies? You can find contacts through us!

We engage intensively in discussions with various industries and educational institutions. Information and market dialogue are essential to build and strengthen the ecosystem between vocational education and training and businesses.

The guides and publications listed on this page serve companies aiming to acquire or expand their clientele in vocational education and training. Oppiva Invest provides market information from the education field and encourages co-development between educational institutions and companies.

Vocational education and training in Finland: market information for companies

How do education providers finance and acquire educational technology? Did you know that there are more adults than young people in vocational education and training in Finland? How do companies succeed in working with a VET provider?

Ecosystem activities and development projects

  • OI is launching testbed operations with the goal of enabling joint marketing for portfolio companies and creating avenues for educational institutions to explore innovations.
  • OI is participating in a comprehensive VET analytics project workshop, bringing together companies and education providers. Read more: Learning analytics in vocational education and training
  • OI is conducting a study on the social and healthcare sector from a technological perspective, combining information from the business sector and vocational education and training.
  • OI is conducting a joint study on the integration of educational content along with a business partner.
  • OI is collaborating as a partner in a study on the use of artificial intelligence in educational institutions.

Use reports and publications

Digital and technological solutions to aid the development of basic skills

What technologies support the learning
of basic skills? What are the needs for new learning solutions
to support basic skills? The survey is based on a questionnaire that was answered by three hundred
VET teachers and instructors in preparatory education for an upper secondary qualification.

Acquiring educational technology: perspectives on selection and deployment

What factors influence the choice and adoption of educational technologies in vocational education and training? How to provide a successful solution to education providers?

All without developer partners – Oppiva Invest’s impact and ecosystem activities

What role can growth companies play in the development of vocational education and training? The report is intended as a basis for co-development and as a starting point for discussions among education providers, education stakeholders and growth companies in the field.

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Sanja Mursu

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