Funding for growth companies

Funding, partnerships and networks for growth companies

Does your company have a product or service that helps or reforms professional training, solves competence needs in working life, or supports learners?

Oppiva Invest provides funding to companies that offer solutions for vocational training, develop professional skills, learning and learning environments, or improve Finnish education exports. Our common objective is to renew vocational learning and to create added value for students, teaching staff and working life.

Funding rounds are opened annually in January, April and September.

Funding, partnerships and networks for growth companies

Does your company have a product or service that helps or reforms professional training, solves competence needs in working life, or supports learners? We provide not only subordinated loans but also partnerships and networks to help your company grow.

Continuously changing vocational training and learning environments and lifelong learning in working life – both in Finland and abroad – call for bold innovations, strong growth companies and open cooperation.

Funding round 3/2023 – key dates

We have three funding rounds in 2023: January, April and September. These are subject to change, and any changes will be announced on this page.

30 August 2023 | Call for funding applications opens

You can submit your application as soon as the call for funding application opens.

Terms and conditions for funding and a list of the formal documents to be appended with your application are available on our website at:
Terms and conditions for funding (in Finnish)

On this page, you will also find answers to frequently asked questions.

Send your application to

5 September 2023 at 10–11 | A briefing for companies (online)

Fill in a form to register: A briefing for companies no later than on 4 September 2023.

A link to join the online session will be sent to you by email.

2 October 2023 | Deadline for funding applications

Terms and conditions for funding and a list of the formal documents to be appended with your application are available on our website at:
Terms and conditions for funding (in Finnish)

On this page, you will also find answers to frequently asked questions.

Send your application to

3 October 2023 > | Applications are selected and negotiations launched

We will start processing applications as soon as we receive them.

28 November 2023 > | Funding decisions published

We inform each company’s contact person of our funding decisions personally.

We are currently focusing especially on the European and American markets. Oppiva Invest’s funding is important to us, as we can use it for international sales and marketing. Not all financial instruments make this possible.

Jussi Kajala, CEO, 3DBear

We need more experts so that we can keep up with development and ensure strong growth. With the help of Oppiva Invest, we have been able to recruit experts in a timely manner and thus strengthen the growth.

Kari Aho, CEO, Secapp

Oppiva Invest offers subordinated loans

Oppiva Invest Oy is a state-owned company with a special function that is governed by the Finnish National Agency for Education.

The financial instruments that we offer are subordinated loans. Oppiva Invest’s role, through subordinated loans, is to provide supplementary funding: this way, we hedge the risk with the private sector and enable the company in question to develop its operations.

In addition to financing, we open up our own networks, knowledge and expertise in the industry and vocational training to you. Due to the nature of the financing, the ownership remains with the company itself.

We are the right partner for your company when

  • professional competence, learning and learning environment development are active parts of your business.
  • secondary-education vocational learning providers are your existing or future customers.
  • you have proved to be competitive with a solution on the market.
  • your company has what it takes to be profitable. your company is innovative and possesses solid expertise.
  • you are enthusiastic about cooperation in vocational learning networks.


How strict is the requirement for linkage to vocational education and training? What is the definition of a vocational education and training provider?

A vocational education and training provider is an entity that organises training that meets the definition of vocational basic education provided by law.

The applicant must be able to show proof of a connection to vocational education and training (to the training provider). The proposed solution must be suitable for use in this segment. The company’s product or solution may of course be sold to other customer groups too.

How should impact be described, and how much weight is given to it in decision-making?

Applicants are required to describe the social and economic impact of the solution they offer and the funding applied for. If necessary, the promised impact and effectiveness may be further elaborated during the application processing stage.

For an application to be accepted, a clear demonstration of the effectiveness of the proposed solution or service and the related indicators is essential.

What does Oppiva Invest mean by ‘ecosystem’?

Oppiva Invest aims to build and contribute to the creation of an optimally functional ecosystem. This means encouraging networking between education and training providers, solution providers and other service providers, as well as other relevant parties with an established presence in the sector.

What can Oppiva Invest’s capital loan be used for?

Companies are free to use the capital loan granted by Oppiva Invest for investments, as working capital, or for marketing.In their funding applications, companies are required to describe how they plan to use the funding provided. These plans will be discussed in the loan negotiations.

How does Oppiva Invest assess applicants’ fulfilment of the minimum criteria?

As a public funding provider (cf. Business Finland and Finnvera), we are required to observe certain conditions and criteria (e.g. criteria for effective support, consideration of state aid issues) regarding the companies to be financed. Some of the criteria follow standard banking principles, which focus on the creditworthiness of companies. The assessment consists of relative and quality-based components. The applicants are also compared with each other.

Can a company apply for funding even if some of the minimum criteria are not met?

We understand that the circumstances of growth companies in particular may evolve and change quickly.We encourage companies to submit a funding application to start discussions with Oppiva Invest.If the company is currently unable to meet the specified minimum criteria, we can still discuss further actions and move on to the next application round once the criteria are met.

What is a supplementary funding provider?

We expect applicants to have one or more co-financing providers.As a starting point, we recommend having one co-financier in addition to Oppiva Invest, with a 50-50 split between their contributions. Funding provided by Oppiva Invest is always paid out in two instalments.

Oppiva Invest does not specify who the other financing providers should be; typically, such providers include owners, investors and banks. Before Oppiva Invest can make a conditional decision on granting a capital loan, the applicant must at least be able to name the other financiers and their funding shares. Negotiations should be nearly completed and the time frame established. Applicants must have a firm decision on other sources of financing and the related conditions before they withdraw the loan.

What are the reporting requirements for companies that were granted funding?

Oppiva Invest keeps track of the companies it finances and their financial performance.When the capital loan agreement is signed, the parties agree on the key performance indicators to be tracked and the tracking frequency. Typically, companies are expected to provide quarterly or semiannual reports on their performance.

What is a typical loan term and loan repayment schedule?

The parties negotiate and agree on loan terms before the decision-making stage.A payment schedule will be drawn up and an interest rate determined upon loan withdrawal.Finnish law contains provisions on interest and the repayment of the loan principal (Limited Liability Companies Act, chapter 12).

The typical loan term is assumed to be five years, and loan repayment holidays are possible in the beginning. The loan term may be shorter, such as three years for smaller loans.

What is the interest rate bracket for a capital loan?

The interest rate is based on the company’s commercial risk rating and a risk classification carried out by Oppiva Invest. The maturity of the loan also affects its price. The interest rate is likely to be between 6 and 12 per cent. The interest rate on the loan is fixed.

Does the funding include any other costs?

A processing fee of 2 per cent will be charged upon first withdrawal.

Separate fees may be charged for any changes made to the repayment schedule while the agreement is in effect.No separate fees will be charged for early repayment of the loan.

Interest payment and repayment of principal requires sufficient unrestricted equity.A so-called notice of available funds will be given annually based on adopted financial statements.

Is the company allowed to decide when to withdraw the loan?

Yes, the company is allowed to decide when it wants to withdraw the loan. During loan negotiations, we discuss the loan withdrawal plan with the company.


Do you have to accept the funding if you get a positive decision?

No, you do not have to accept funding granted to you. The funding offer is in effect for one to three months after the decision has been made.

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