Oppiva Invest

Oppiva Invest supports the reform of professional skills and learning environments, and develops networks for actors in the field.

State-owned Oppiva Invest Oy was established in spring 2019, with operations starting in 2020. Oppiva Invest operates with capital invested in it by the state, and the company is governed by the Finnish National Agency for Education.

Funding to enable the development of learning solutions

Oppiva Invest Oy (OI) provides funding to companies that develop and offer solutions for vocational training or improve Finnish education exports. Our goal is to develop networks in the field and, through corporate funding, support the development and reform of professional skills and learning and learning environments.

Oppiva Invest Oy

OI offers subordinated loans that Finnish innovative growth businesses may apply for. Funding decisions are made by Oppiva Invest Oy’s Board of Directors on the basis of the Managing Director’s proposals.

Oppiva Invest’s vision is to be

  • a profitable and socially convincing and influential funding provider
  • a partner in the development of an ecosystem of professional skills and
  • an information network and platform of actors in professional skills

Companies we have funded are listed in our portfolio

OI organises three funding rounds a year (starting in January, April and September) Companies that have received funding are published and presented in the portfolio once they have accepted their funding offer and a contractual relationship has been established between OI and the company.


Board of Directors of Oppiva Invest

Oppiva Invest’s Board of Directors consists of (from the left ) Timo Lankinen, Harri Lauslahti (chair), Riikka-Maria Yli-SuomuMirjam Sarkki and Petri Takala.

Additional information about Oppiva Invest

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Network for professional skills

Added value for learners, teaching staff and working life