OI as a co-financier

Oppiva Invest is a state-owned, market-based financing company. We provide financing to companies that create solutions for vocational education and training (VET).

Complementary financing

Our goal is that the solutions we finance renew vocational education and training, support learners and teachers, address the competence needs of working life, and introduce new tools for the leadership and development of educational institutions today.

An Oppiva Invest equity loan is complementary financing for businesses. When the company has private financing available, we can offer a market-based capital loan as part of the overall financing package. A capital loan is non-convertible.

As a state-owned financing company, Oppiva Invest’s share of the financing project is usually around 50%. OI does not stipulate who the other financiers should be. Typically, other financing is provided by shareholders, investors, and banks.

Impact on VET as the key criterion for funding decisions

Minimum criteria

  • Added value and benefits for vocational competence and teaching and learning environments
  • Creditworthiness of the company

Impact and benefits

  • Benefits for teaching and learning
  • Economic, environmental and community impacts
  • Growth orientation of the company

The company’s situation and plans

  • The company’s products and services and its business model
  • Business plan
  • Financial situation and forecasts

Our strengths as a financier

  • We are a financially strong and stable investor
  • We have solid financial and capital market expertise and networks
  • We understand the needs of vocational education and training, and offer clients our expertise in the VET market

Contact us

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Senior Advisor

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