Vocational competence as a special purpose

Oppiva Invest is a state-owned special-assigment company. We provide complementary financing to companies whose solutions contribute to the development of vocational competence and learning environments. The goal is for the solutions to renew vocational education and training, support learners and teachers, address the competence needs of working life, and introduce new tools for the leadership and development of educational institutions today.


As a state-owned special-purpose company, we are passionate about vocational competence and learning, as well as innovative technology and digital solutions that promote learning.

We challenge companies and educational institutions to open collaboration! For example, partnerships in product development and testing between companies and educational institutions lead to solutions that genuinely address real needs.

We need to get to know each other, to have genuine collaboration, shared reflections, a common direction, and the ability and willingness to understand the needs and goals of both parties.

Oppiva Invest is launching testbed operations intending to foster co-development and provide opportunities for educational institutions to explore innovations in the field of education.


Developing competence and the associated learning environments and technological solutions are a complex phenomenon, both together and separately.

There are a vast number of different actors involved in the endeavour. We invite you to join the collective discussion!


Get familiar with the reports and publications

The best digital solutions for learning basic skills help learners and teachers

Most teachers supporting learners in basic skills use various technologies and digital solutions as part of their teaching support. Solutions are particularly needed for personalisation and to identify competence needs.

Factors behind the choice and adoption of educational technology in vocational education and training

A survey commissioned by Oppiva Invest stimulates a shared discussion among VET providers, companies developing technical solutions, and other operators in the field.

Everyone in need of developer partners – Oppiva Invest’s impact and ecosystem activities

What role can growth companies play in the development of vocational education and training? The report is intended for education providers, stakeholders, and growth companies as a basis for co-development and a starting point for discussions.

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Reetta Paloheimo

Reetta Paloheimo

Development Manager, market analyses

Tel. 045 114 9657

Contact us when you want information about vocational education and training, the development of teachers’ day-to-day work and the potential of technology in vocational education and training.

Sanja Mursu

Sanja Mursu

Corporate Relations Manager

Tel. 040 515 9978

I’m happy to help with any matters related to vocational education and training. I share information about vocational education and training and assist companies in networking with both the business community and other VET providers.