Aiwo Digital Oy


Aiwo’s SaaS service enables educational institutions and educational stakeholders to get an overall picture of the teaching staff’s wellbeing and employee satisfaction, and students’ wellbeing, experiences and feedback. Aiwo enables teaching stakeholders to get an accurate picture of problems, changes and phenomena behind the experiences. Aiwo also provides detailed information about the cost effects and extra work caused by the problems.

Aiwo can be used to improve operations and to detect any problems, and to monitor changes and the success of measures taken or the development of various themes and new phenomena. The Aiwo service combines qualitative research processes with artificial intelligence, offering a real-time qualitative analysis of any data source fully independently. The Aiwo analysis is based purely on data, so it expresses the experiences of all stakeholders honestly and fairly in real time without any preset assumptions or framing of the issue at hand.

Aiwo helps educational institutions to make systematic decisions based on facts, not opinions. We convert qualitative information into facts to make knowledge-based management decisions.

For additional information, please contact: CEO Atso Vesterinen, tel. +358 400 384 225